Club History
Club Historian: Rich Morales
History of the Northrop Grumman Management Club

The founding of the Northrop Grumman Management Club occurred in 1946 when a number of Northrop foremen decided to form a club dedicated to promoting the spirit of good fellowship and cooperation among its members and to encourage the highest professional and ethical standards consistent with Northrop Grumman ideals. In addition, the Club was to serve as a forum for speakers on subjects related to management and aerosciences. That objective remains the same today, though in more complex and sophisticated times.

Initially called the Northrop Foreman’s Club, the very first meeting was held on Friday, March 1, 1946, at 6:00 PM, at the Brentwood Country Club located at San Vicente and Burlingame in Santa Monica. Prospective members were urged to purchase their tickets by February 26, 1946. No price was given but it certainly made the guaranteed number of dinners easy to establish.

The menu consisted of Fresh lobster Cocktail, a Chef’s Mixed Green Salad, a New York Steak, Potatoes Au Gratin, fresh Vegetables, Sherbet and Coffee.

The program consisted of a Business Meeting, and Approval of the Constitution. After dinner the following speakers were presented: Tony LeVier - Lockheed P-80 Test Pilot, Fred Trygg - Lockheed Works Manager, and James H. Quick - Aircraft Industries Inc.

The Foreman’s Club Officers were:

R.A. (Bob) Phillips President
Jim Ward Vice President
Hartley Thaw Secretary
William Wheeler Treasurer
Frank Herron Sergeant at Arms
Charles Boyle Program Chairman

Over these past sixty years, the Club grew in size and in activities. Forums and Tours were splintered off, as was the Annual Dinner Dance into separate committees. The first recorded Dinner Dance was held in 1973, at the Beverly Hilton and was themed “An Enchanted Evening”. In 1982, the then Advanced Systems Division (ASD), later to become the B-2 Division, began forming their Club, based on the Aircraft Division’s Constitution, as had other Divisions before them. An Election committee was formed and the first slate of Officers was put up for election in April 1983. The results of the election of the B-2 Charter Officers were announced by Jim Henrich, -- Management Club Steering Committee Chairperson, on May 5, 1983 via memorandum GA-83-57. The Officers were officially sworn in at the first general membership meeting on November 17, 1983 at the Industry Hills Sheraton and Resort Hotel. The following individuals were installed by John Patierno – Division VP and General Manager, and witnessed by Thomas V. Jones – Northrop President and CEO, and many NAD and B-2 Club Members.

Dick Kolligan President
Ed Weaver Vice President
Mid Davis Secretary
Lynn Goodberry Treasurer
John Chelson Sergeant at Arms

(This group served for two years, setting the precedent for two-year terms.)

Other key members included Ed Halloran, Oliver “Bud” Larsen, Dick Colyar, Jim Henrich and other NAD past presidents such as Ray McLaren. One more significant part of NGC Management Club had begun.

With this edition of the "Constitution", the Northrop Grumman Management Club – California Sites continues to follow the same basic objectives of our predecessors, which we trust will continue for as long as the Northrop Grumman Corporation exists.