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2014 Benefit Drives

Management Club members donated food and toys for families at holiday time. They also donated socks and tee shirts for veterans at the VA Hospital of Long Beach.

2014 Benefit Drives

Management Club members donated food and toys for families at holiday time. They also donated socks and tee shirts for veterans at the VA Hospital of Long Beach.

Retiree Holiday Cheer
December 6, 2014

Sharing the true meaning of the Holidays close to home, Management Club members visited local Northrop Grumman retirees and assisted them with holiday decorating. The volunteers hung lights, put up decorations and shared memories.

Bldg 203 Lobby Christmas Tree
December 3, 2014

Management Club members Ron, Suzanne, and Christina spruced up the 203 lobby with some holiday cheer, putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.

2012 Beach Clean
June 16, 2012

"Drum roll please. . ." Saturday, June 16, 130 Northrop Grumman volunteers cleared 5 feet of cigarette butts and 275 lbs of waste off the sand at the 9th annual Dockweiler Beach Cleanup. Cosponsored by Heal the Bay, F/A-18 teammates, greeNG, Corporate Citizenship, Management Club and Connect1NG, this beach cleanup event was NGC's largest ever. (Check out photos from the event here) Dads brought their kids out for Father's Day bonding time, and participants expressed their amazement – and sometimes disgust! – at the variety of items brought in for the "Most Interesting Thing Found" contest, including snake skins, lucky rabbits foots (and entire rabbits!), full diapers, water barrels, etc.

Among the event's heroes, special mention must go to Corporate Citizenship's Keith Burton, who helped save more than the beach that day when he administered the Heimlich maneuver to greeNG's EHS Engineer Christina Kull. Ironically, she had begun choking on a piece of donut while laughing at a funny story that Keith was sharing with the group!

2011 Beach Clean
June 18, 2011

"Over 500 pounds of trash - that’s 200 more pounds than any other Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup this year!" celebrated Kay, the newest Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup Director at the Northrop Grumman tent following the trash weigh-in. Sponsored by Corporate Citizenship, greeNG, Connect1NG, Management Club and QSMA, over 80 Employees and their families from all over the South Bay came out to celebrate a sunny break in the "June Gloom" by volunteering to take back the Beach at Dockweiler State Beach for the 8th Annual Beach Cleanup, on Saturday, June 18, 2011. Several unusual items found at the beach cleanup added to the light heartedness of the day - a street sign post won the “Heaviest Item” award, to encourage employees to really seek out even the smallest trash over 480 cigarette butts were collected by the top team for "Most Cigarette Butts", and the finding of a smart phone brought joy to two families. Joaquin Guillen’s sons found a nice smart phone in the sand that was about to be picked up and mangled by the trash truck. They took it home and called the home number and returned it to the family. The parent of the child that had lost was so grateful - his daughter had lost other phones and we were the only ones to return it. He In addition to a celebratory cheesecake from the smart phone family, Joaquin’s neighbor gave them Dodger tickets that afternoon since he couldn’t attend. Joaquin’s kids told him, "See Dad? Good thing we returned it, now we got a reward without even expecting it." Good things come to those that do good things and volunteer!

2011 Blanket & Coat Drive

2011 Blanket and Coat Drive Results: El Segundo & Space Park- 50 bags & boxes! ~200 jackets, ~100 blankets Palmdale- 25 bags!

Retiree Holiday Cheer
December 4, 2010

Sharing the true meaning of the Holidays close to home, 7 teams totaling 35 members of the Northrop Grumman Management Club in Southern California brought retirees joy with their Third Annual "Holiday Cheer" project. Management Club members visited 12 local Northrop Grumman retirees and assisted them with holiday decorating. The volunteers hung lights, put up decorations and shared memories about the company and its employees. The teams travelled even farther this year - reaching out to Hawthorne, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Norwalk, Brea, and even Menifee.

Retiree Christmas 2008
Excerpted from "The Integrator", Jan 12, 2009

Sharing the true meaning of the season just as effectively, but a bit closer to home, several members of the Southern California Management Club performed a special service with their unique “Adopt- A-Retiree” project.  According to Jim Calas, club president, Southern California Sites, members arranged to visit some local Northrop Grumman retirees and assist them with holiday decorating.  “Our team, led by Dave Lewis, arrived at Emma Petri’s home promptly at 9:30 a.m., ready to put up decorations and hang lights,” Calas said.  “Emma is a delightful little lady, a 31-year Northrop employee who retired back in 1981.  She lost her husband several years back, and is now unable to put up the holiday decorations she so loves.  Emma was very grateful for our efforts, insisting that we have lunch together—we were all touched by her hospitality and kindness.  Emma truly enjoyed our company, and loved sharing experiences of her past with us.”

A second team, led by Ron Flowers, club vice president for Los Angeles and F-35 manufacturing engineer, visited Mrs. Lavern Allen of Manhattan Beach.  “Lavern’s husband, who passed away in 1987, worked for Northrop for more than 35 years,” Flowers noted.  “Our group hung lights over the garage and on the side of her house.  This project was a total success, and made us all feel satisfied to spread a little Christmas spirit by giving assistance to someone who needed our help.”

A third Management Club team visited the home of Mr. Beedon, now 91, who worked in Hawthorne’s Plant 3 building cargo doors on the 747 Program before retiring in 1982.  “He told us he knew Tommy Tomlinson “when Tommy was just waist-high!” said Ken Schutte, Management Club sergeant at arms.  “Mr. and Mrs. Beedon have been married for 65 years—they are an adorable couple and were very gracious and hospitable.  After an hour-and-a-half, the Beedon’s home was festively decorated and the garden well-manicured.  It was a resounding success.”  “We got such a kick out of doing it—and the retirees so appreciated our efforts—that I don’t know who benefitted most!” Calas added with a grin.  “From a personal standpoint, this event was incredibly satisfying, and will certainly be a highlight of my 2008 holiday season.”
■ David Bradley, Jim Calas, Ron Flowers and Ken Schutte

Letters to the Troops
USO Stuffing Party, July 31, 2010

Each and every day the American troops put their lives on the line to defend our country and our freedom. In an effort to show our appreciation of their bravery and let each and every solider know we are thankful and that we are thinking about them, we ask that you write or type a letter to one of our brave military members. Nothing formal, just a simple note to show our gratitude.

Clothing & Coat Drive 2008

In October 2008, the Management Club Clothing Drive brought over 500 pounds of clothes to the children of a small village in Ghana, Africa. Over 60 coats were given to the needy in Palmdale, and hundreds of pounds clothes were given to the needy at the Dream Center in L.A.

Fun(d) Festival 2008

Management Club supported the Fun (d) Festival on June 4th 2008 with Gator Golf, bringing in donations to the community of over $500.

Monsterfest 2007

The Management Club sponsored a table and collected donations for the Holiday Giving Program during Monsterfest. Our table took 2nd place and our AV Vice President took 3rd place in the costume contest as Morticia.

Veteran's Day Donation

Northrop Grumman employees recently showed support for our injured soldiers in need at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. by donating over 150 CDs and DVDs, radios, toiletries, clothing and phone cards with over 16,000 minutes.  The Management Club was privileged to donate $500 to this worthy cause.

"Wow! My personal thanks to NGMC leadership for their generous and thoughtful contribution."
 Corey Moore, F/A-18 Tactical Systems Vice President and Veteran

LA Works 2006
Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum

The Management Club joined the F/A-18, F5 & T38 Team and L.A. Works in a community service event at Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum. Volunteers help paint a mural on an outside hanger wall, cleaned all the tooling and test equipment including the flight simulator, and helped with general clean up in preparation for the Air Fare. The club also donated water, a light breakfast and sub sandwiches. Although it was hard work, a good time was had by all.

2006 Beach Clean

For the third consecutive year, the (MEA) Manufacturing Engineer Associates and Northrop Grumman Management Club Community Relations hosted another successful Beach Clean. On Saturday, August 26, volunteers met at Dockweiler Beach where they were greeted with a continental breakfast. After a stretching routine, they were provided gloves and trash bags for the 2 mile walk to El Porto. Our intrepid volunteers scoured the beach collecting enough trash and debris to fill about 25 trash bags. All were then shuttled back to Dockweiler for snacks and some much needed rest.

Help for Hurricane Katrina Victims

As you know, a portion of the raffle money raised at Wednesday night's dinner (Sept 14, 2005) was going to support the McKinney/Douell family that was displaced from their home in Gulfport, Mississippi as a result of Hurricane Katrina; they are now temporarily resident in Rosamond. Due to your overwhelming response, we were able to give this family $300 from the raffle money raised. In addition to the money, more than $400 worth of prizes won by members were also donated to the family (i.e. BBQ, CD/MP3 players, gift certs, cash prizes, etc).

All of you really came through on Wednesday for a family in need. Thank you so much for your generosity, support, and providing a ray of hope to a family in need.

Lauren Mares
Site Vice President
Antelope Valley

Fun(d) Festival 2005

Amid the rockin' tunes of Hornet Nation, El Segundo employees enjoyed the carnival-like atmosphere of the Second Annual Fun(d) Festival. With plenty of great food and activities like Pineapple Bowling, Hoop Shots, Pot Shots and the Dunk Tank, the event earned over $1000 for Holiday Giving. Even the Club president got into the swim of things.

2004 Who's Your Santa?

In a mere 10 days, NG Management Club members in Palmdale collected $6503 for Holiday Giving! Antelope Valley Manufacturing Center (AVMC) volunteers Andy Reynolds and Lance Bryant competed against Long Range Strike's (LRS) Art Lofton and Byron Chong to see who could garner the most votes. Voters paid one dollar for each vote to choose who would dress as Santa Clause on December 1st. The losers also got into the act, each dressed up as an elf for the day. That evening they posed for pictures with raffle winners at the Palmdale December Dinner event with Scott Seymour. The Antelope Valley Press newspaper even stopped by to acknowledge their contributions and say hi to the winner - Byron Chong.

2004 Beach Clean

On Saturday, August 7th, the (MEA) Manufacturing Engineer Associates and Northrop Grumman Management Club Community Relations hosted the 2004 Beach Clean at the Manhattan Beach Pier. The event started at 8AM with a continental breakfast on the beach and was followed with an oceanside stretching routine led by the Wellness Center's yoga instructor. The 40+ volunteers were then shuttled to El Porto and Hermosa Pier where the trash bags, gloves and water were distributed for the walk. From these two locations these dedicated beach babes & beach bums combed the beach for trash for the entire 1.5 - 2 mile shoreline, finishing at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Upon their arrival, the volunteers were relieved to see the cold water & lunch sub sandwich awaiting them, courtesy of the Northrop Grumman Management Club. The group mingled for an hour discussing the various trash treasures on the beach and how the Beach Clean replaced their gym workout for the day. By noon, the volunteers departed the beach with a farewell of, "See you next year!"

NG Management Club Tricycle Donations

We donated the 3 Tricycles that were used by NGMC for fund raising during the Holiday Giving festival in June on behalf of the Management Club.* They were donated to 'His Sheltering Arms' shelter for Women and their children in Los Angeles. Community Involvement Chairperson, Diana Rivera, along with Tom Hurka, David Lewis, and Phil Wilcox met with Fannie Upshaw, the Community Resource Specialist at the center. We were amazed with the center and all of the services it provides to the residents.

Services that this center provides for Women and their dependant Children up to 3 years old:

  • Residential & Non-Residential alcohol and drug treatment.
  • Continuation care for Female Parolees that have graduated from prison substance abuse programs.
  • Assistance to Pregnant/Postpartum Women.
  • Temporary housing for Women whether they are Single, Prison Parolees, HIV Positive, Veterans, Homeless, or Seniors.
  • Individual/Group Counseling, Alcohol/Drug Education, Relapse Prevention, Psychotherapy, HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness, Health Education/Physical Fitness, Vocational Preparation etc.

LA Works June 5, 2004